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Breast Augmentation


A fuller and more aesthetically pleasing body contour can be safely achieved through the placement of breast implants directly under the breast tissue or beneath the chest wall muscle. Implants for breast augmentation procedures are filled with either saline (salt-water) or silicone gel, both of which are approved for use by the FDA. During your complimentary consultation, a doctor will discuss which option is best for you. The delicate task of the breast augmentation is not simply a matter of making a woman's breasts "bigger". The goal of Breast Augmentation should always be to restore balance and proportion to a woman's figure, helping her to feel more attractive, confident, and comfortable with her body. It takes a special talent to accomplish the delicate task of enhancing and complementing the beauty that was already there, with completely natural looking results when performed by a skilled surgeon with a keen artistic eyed.

For symptomatic or medical reasons, you may wish to have your Breast Implants exchanged or removed. When embarking on breast augmentation, it is important to realize that at some later point in time, you should anticipate a second operation, either to replace the old implants (usually after 10-15 years) or to perform age-related modifications, such as a Breast Lift. You may decide that you wish to change the size of your implants or the type of implants you have. Some patients may experience capsular contracture (or tightening of natural scar tissue around the implant) that can cause breast firmness. Contracture occurrence is unpredictable and, when severe, may require corrective surgery. For some patients, exchanging saline implants for silicone implants can help.

Should you be considering removing your Breast Implants entirely, we invite you to schedule a consultation appointment with us, to discuss your options. To achieve optimal results with implant removal, you may need to consider a Breast Lift in conjunction with the removal.

At our practice, we take a thoughtful approach to the question of Breast Implant exchange or removal, evaluating each patient's individual concerns and goals, and developing a customized surgery plan to achieve the look you desire.

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Costs will vary upon the scope and length of treatment. A written quote can be provided upon professional consultation at one of our clinics.


Tam & Dr. Kristy Clinic is committed to providing the highest standard of care and service to our patients. If affordability is an issue, financing options can also be discussed. Feel free to contact us whenever further questions or concerns arise. Our professional staff will be happy to assist you in resolving such matters immediately.