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Lipo Dissolve Injection


LipoDissolve is a clinically proven, non-surgical fat removal treatment that can permanently dissolve unwanted fat and cellulite. The process consists of a series of micro-injections that work to dissolve fat deposits in the face and body through a combination of substances that are naturally produced within the human body. The precision of the injections stems from the ability to provide these metabolic substances without a stimulus from the body, allowing individuals to target and reduce personal trouble spots en route for that perfect silhouette.

How does lipodissolve work?

Phosphatidylcholine or PC is a common nutritional supplement that makes up 70% of human cell walls. Deoxycholate or DC is a type of bile acid found in the gall bladder that accelerates the breakdown of fat. The combination of PC and DC produces a synergistic effect that dissolves the walls of fat cells where injected. Following injection, fat cells start to gradually loosen, liquefy and soon burst, releasing dissolvent enzymes. The debris of dissolved fat cells then is naturally eliminated through the white blood cells of the immune system and later excreted.

After a phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate, or PCDC, is administered to the targeted areas, the fat cells absorb the PCDC, become slightly inflamed, and then harden.

Within a few weeks the fat cells break down or are "melted" and are then expelled naturally through the body's immune system; which later excreted in the urine and the stool.


Generally all parts of the body that carry unwanted fat deposits can be treated with LipoDissolve. The diagram below shows the most common areas that can be treated.


F: Double Chin / Jowls / Neck
A: Cheeks and Mid-Face Fat
A: Lower Eye fat pads deposits
A: Upper & Lower Abdomen
B: Flanks (Love Handles)
B: Lower Tummy "pouch" below the belly button

C,D: Inner & Outer Thighs
Upper Thighs (Saddlebags)
I: Lower Buttocks (Banana Rolls)
E: Knees and Legs
H: Fat deposits of the Back
G: Upper Back & Bra Strap
K: Upper / Lower / Back of the Arms

Male Specific Cosmetic Zones
L: Male Chest
Male Pelvic Area*


Pain is easily managed during and after the procedure. There is minimal bleeding and bruising with no sutures needed


Lipodissolve has a relatively short recovery period, allowing a rapid return to work and to normal activities. No hospital stay is required.


PCDC has been used in medical applications since the 1950’s; it has been used cosmetically since the late 1980's to treat isolated fatty deposits on the face and body. And to date, over 50,000 treatments have been performed with no serious side effects ever being reported.


Lipodissolve will have dissolved fat permanently in the treated areas; however if an individual starts to gain weight, the fat cells located in the non-treated areas will naturally get larger, altering appearance.

Submental Region - Right Lateral Neck

Bilateral Flanks - Love Handles

Central Abdomen - Left Flank

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How much does it cost

Costs will vary upon the scope and length of treatment. A written quote can be provided upon professional consultation at one of our clinics.


Tam & Dr. Kristy Clinic is committed to providing the highest standard of care and service to our patients. If affordability is an issue, financing options can also be discussed. Feel free to contact us whenever further questions or concerns arise. Our professional staff will be happy to assist you in resolving such matters immediately.