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The sources of hair loss cannot be solely contributed to poor nutrition or some degenerative disease. Hair loss may well be a result of uncontrollable genetic factors, hormonal swings, stress or just a natural part of the aging process. Whatever the case may be, it is for certain that hair loss can never be avoidable as much as it is undesired.


Dr. Kristy Clinic offers a bi-tiered approach to hair restoration, including both cosmetic and medical concerns into the treatment. Using the latest technology in the industry, patients will be able speed up reversible hair loss renewal and fully restore irreversible ones, such as those resulting from chemotherapy, head trauma or excessive plucking. Our procedures are designed to eliminate the risk of scarring and other visible signs of the treatment, while significantly minimizing risk of infection and other sources of discomfort. Most importantly, our experts in the field will fully guide the process from consultation to post-care, allowing for long-lasting and satisfying results.

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Hair Microfollicular Grafting

Hair microfollicular grafting is the latest  hair transplant technology that relocates your own hair follicles to sites of hair loss. This non-invasive procedure does not require any scalpel incisions, reducing the conventional risks of scarring or inducing prolonged redness. Additionally follicular unit extraction requires only a minimal area of hair to be harvested, delivering more extensive hair growth and volume. The natural appearance of  hair growth is one of the most important factors when considering a hair loss treatment, and simply using your own hair follicles solves that concern without sacrificing effectiveness.

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Hair Regenerative Treatment

Hair regenerative therapy uses micro-needling technology to induce hair growth without invasive techniques. Micro-needling alone induces collagen regeneration and upregulates fibroblast growth factors to reverse hair loss symptoms. At Dr. Kristy Clinic, we pair this procedure with topical treatments such as additional growth factors and stem cell implants to provide the most effective results while minimizing recovery times.

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Permanent Lash Extentions

Permanent lash extensions is both a cosmetic and reconstructive procedure that adds eyelashes to the upper eyelid. A graft is taken from the back of the scalp or, in the case of thicker hair, from around the ear to obtain the finest hairs for the most natural appearance. The graft is then treated even further to remove any excess fat, dermal and epidermal layers before being finally transplanted. A sterile transplanting needle is used transplant each individual hair to the eyelids by hand to maintain aesthetic quality under anesthesia. There may be minimal bleeding following the procedure, however there are no lasting scars or sutures to indicate any abnormality. The new set of lashes will grow indefinitely, requiring a monthly follow-up for trimming and perming to maintain them; however compared to the likes of “falsies” and lash adhesives, permanent lash extensions are hassle-free with minimal risk of infection or wear.

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Problematic Scalp Treatment

At Dr. Kristy Clinic, a range of scalp conditions can be diagnosed and treated with minimally invasive procedures. The most common complaints include dry scalp, dandruff and scalp scores, alongside prolonged itchiness or redness. More complicated conditions such as staph infection, moles and scalp ringworm can also be treated. Treatments range from topical treatments and prescribed medications to scalp laser options. Every patient will be provided an individually tailored regimen for the quickest and most effective results.

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How much does it cost

Costs will vary upon the scope and length of treatment. A written quote can be provided upon professional consultation at one of our clinics.


Dr. Kristy Clinic is committed to providing the highest standard of care and service to our patients. If affordability is an issue, financing options can also be discussed. Feel free to contact us whenever further questions or concerns arise. Our professional staff will be happy to assist you in resolving such matters immediately.